1) Why do we need funds from you?

We accept funds only on those projects which are free for the society and in which we are not making any profit. Currently "Iqbaliat for children" is a non-profit project and we are looking for funds in order to develop interactive contents.

The Allama Iqbal , Abdul Haq , Hakeem Muhammad Saeed , Ashfaq Ahmad are few names who have inspired us and motivated us to do something different.
On internet we were unable to find such apps which are a mixture of wisdom and entertainment with Urdu language.

Our aim is to make a big library of cross platform digital interactive Apps, and some of those apps should be free in all of famous online app stores.

2) Where my funds will go?

Your funds will be used in the process of development so that we will build more and more free apps. In simple words your donation will help us to pay the wages of the development team, who are continuously working with us on such kinds of projects.

3) What personally I will gain by funding your project:

You will see good URDU apps freely on internet. Secondly we are providing an acknowledgment space on the same project web profile where the funded money will be used. The donator can provide his picture and we will display his name and image as our backers and supporter for that specific project. If the the person does not want him to be mention on the website then we respect their decision by keeping their provided funds secret.

4) How much money should I fund you?

You can give us fund as much as you like, each single penny will be used in the promotion and development of URDU Apps.

4) How can I fund your project?

If you are living outside or inside Pakistan and you would like to pay through wire or bank transfer then contact us on our contact page or email us at or visit our page on the facebook.

If you would like to personally meet us in Pakistan, then send us your contact number through contact page or email on .