About Us

What is Muqaam

Muqaam.com is a brainchild of Farhan Khan. The objective behind this idea is to remodel the Urdu literature with new innovative ways for the children. This is our minimal contribution to the sea of Urdu Adab, and our first aim is to convert Allama Iqbal's poems into understandable stories.

In 2015, Muqaam.com had launched a mobile app by converting Allama Iqbal's poem "Aql o Dil" into a children story. Additionally, It was embedded with interactivity, animation, and images. The app users feedback on this application was overwhelming, which had motivated us to publish more apps. Therefore, by the end of 2017, we had in our list "Aql o Dil," " Aik Pahar aur Gulheri" and "Aik Makra Aur Makri," and they were built cross-platforms to support all kinds of mobile on Windows, Apple, and Android. These apps were bilingual comprises English and Urdu. All these applications were made with an idea to spread Allama Iqbal message freely on the internet. Hence, these applications were Ads-free and based on a non-profit model.

We observed with our apps that there is a demand in our society where parents are interested in teaching Iqbaliat to their children, however, due to the lack of creativity in books, they find it hard to explain such topics for them. On the other side, publishing interactive mobile apps require the enormous amount of efforts plus the durability is weak, whereas volatility was very high due to the technical requirement. Furthermore, there is valid research by several institutions who have shown concern on the negative impact regarding mobile usage in children. These analyses had given us a new motivation to jump into the physical world rather than living in the virtual. Therefore, we decided that we should convert at least 20 different Allama Iqbal's poem into children stories by dividing them into four separate books. Irteqa-e-Shaheen is our first book, which has beautiful illustrations and stories based on Allama Iqbal's poetry. Irteqa-e-Shaheen book is now published and available in a physical format, so you can order it online for your children anytime. Keep us remember in your prays and help us to achieve our goals. You can buy our books which will support this ongoing mission.

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