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What is Muqaam

Muqaam is an internet startup company and its idea was coined by Farhan Hameed Khan , with a revolutionary aim to digitize the Urdu literature for our future generations. This is a very small contribution in the sea of Urdu Adab /Literature, so that we can provide a bridge between the “smart phone generation” and their native language to understand the depth of their own legacy. The lost wisdom of our ancestors must be prevailed and digitized in shape of smart apps.

Main targets are youth and children who spend most of their time on smart devices playing different apps. We can easily find millions of digital interactive ebooks in English literature and philosophy but we can never find the concept of Shaheen , Khudi or Urdu philosophy or stories in digital interactive formats. So this is a clear message for us, that due to our ignorance we are gradually walking away from our roots, culture and ideologies.

Pray for us and give your support to Muqaam.com by donations, comments, shares or likes.


Farhan Khan
Farhan Hameed Khan
Founder, CEO

Mr.Farhan Khan has been working for software industry since 2001. He has accomplished many international IT projects by providing his architectural and development skills. He has spent many years working with cyber security scientists and researchers.

Spreading the messages of Iqbal was his dream and just like muqaam he has invented many cause based solution around the world.

Aslam Sheikh
Aslam Sheikh
Chief Urdu Editor

Mr.Aslam Sheikh is a great Urdu writer , poet and a voice actor.

In past he has written some of the TV dramas and he used to be an active writer in Middle east for the newspaper called URDU Gazzate.

His wisdom , ideas and experiences has given muqaam.com a new life. He is continuously writing new children stories based on Allama Iqbal's poem. Mr.Aslam has future plan to publish his own book based on his personal literature.

Mona Zeeshan
Mona Zeeshan
Chief Cartoonist

A talented and skillful artist who knows how to use her imagination in order to digitize the content. She has done many freelancing projects and made many great cartoon illustrations in past.

She is a great fan of Allama Iqbal and his philosophy and with her gifted skills she wants to put a life in Iqbal's verses.

Bushra Khan
Bushra Khan
Chief English Editor

Miss Bushra Khan is the main English editor and English content writer for Muqaam. Beside this she is a professional English language instructor.

Teaching English is not her profession but her passion. She has 15 years of experience in mentoring journalists , doctors , engineers etc.

She is running her own facebook page where she can be contacted for professional content writing or remote access for online teaching ( for O and A level classes ).
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