A Noble Idea

To provide a bridge between the “Smart phone users” and “Urdu language” , time to understand the depth of our legacy.

The biggest poverty in this world is the lack of love - Ashfaq Ahmad

What do we make?

Interactive digital Urdu literature or stories in the form of smart phone APP, by targeting following platforms android, windows and IOS etc.

Inspired by Allama Iqbal , Abdul Haq , Hakeem Muhammad Saeed , Ashfaq Ahmad and many more

Aim to digitize

Islam , Iqbaliat , Israr -e-khudee , Concept of Shaheen , Faith , Aqwaal e Ashfaq , Literature of Hakeem Saeed and many more..

An illiterate nation can never hold its head high - Hakim Mohammad Saeed

Current targets

The transformation of Allama Iqbal’s children poetry into digital interactive stories in the form of Apps.

I do not believe in taking the right decision, I take a decision and make it right - Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Platforms to reach

Smart Mobiles, Tablets , Computers , Social Media – OS Android , Windows , IOS and others.

It was Urdu and not the Muslim League that made Pakistan was instrumental in that - Mulvi Abdul Haq

What is Muqaam?

Muqaam is an internet startup company with a revolutionary idea to digitize the Urdu literature for our future generations. This is a very small contribution in the sea of Urdu Adab /Literature, so that we can provide a bridge between the “smart phone generation” and our native language. The lost wisdom of our ancestors must be prevailed and digitized in shape of smart apps.
Main targets are youth and children who spend most of their time on smart devices playing different apps. We can easily find millions of digital interactive ebooks in English literature and philosophy but we can never find the concept of Shaheen , Khudi or Urdu philosophy or stories in digital interactive formats. So this is a clear message for us, that due to our ignorance we are gradually moving away from our roots, culture and ideologies.

Iqbaliat For Children ( A Noble Project of Muqaam)

We are working on several projects one of the project is “Iqbaaliat for Children” which included children literature, it is a transformation version of Iqbal's poetry into a moral based story. In order to explain the concept of Iqbal we have tried our best to depict the Poem into a story with URDU and English scripts. Our target audiences are children and youth, it is very common that in our era most of them have no idea what are the core messages of Allama Iqbal in his verses e.g. concept of shaheen , israr-e-khudi etc.

This is very common that in our generation the verses of Iqbal and his poems are not easily understandable by an individual unless he has a good education in URDU language. Especially those people who are more inspired by English language and its culture, they find such literature more difficult and conservative than a harry potter novel. Adopting any other culture or language is not bad, unless you totally reject and ignore your own heritage and legacy. So that’s why it is a very necessary step for us to convert such wisdom and knowledge into a digital interactive format.

Free Apps for URDU/ English communities (Fund This Project)

"Iqbaaliat for children" is a non-profit social awareness project, currently we are publishing free apps without any internet ads. Our intentions regarding this project is not to make money but in spreading the messages of "Iqbal" who has devoted his entire life in the promotion of social and Islamic awareness in the society. We are looking to develop more than 50 different cross platform APPS based on Iqbal verses. We have started this project from the children's poem Aql o Dil and Pahar aur Gulheri and we need to cover all famous poem including Shikwa Jawab e Shikwa , Kizer e Rah , Masjid-e-Qurtuba and many more. We will convert all these poem one by one into a moral based stories for children. Currently we are using our own funds in order to pursue our mission, but we would like people to support and fund us as well. Your funds will help us to develop these apps on different platforms and provide you and your children a free apps world of Iqbaaliat. Currently we do not have any sponsor ,however if you are an individual, company or non profit-organizations and you are willing to fund this project in order to spread free apps of Allama Iqbal. Then join us , for more detail about sponsorship Click Details

For more detail about donations Click Details

Be a part of Muqaam

We are always looking for the people who could contribute in urdu and english content or story writing , graphic designers , sponsors , donators , readers.

Apps Gallery

Reason and Heart -
عقل و دل

Aql o Dil - An interactive story for children available in Android , Windows and Apple store.

A Mountain and a Squirrel -
ایک پہاڑ اور گلہری

Aik Pahar Aur Gulehri - An interactive story for children available in Android , Windows and Apple store.

A Spider and a Fly -
ایک مکڑا اور مکھی

A Spider and a Fly ( Aik Makra aur Makhi) - An interactive story for children available in Android , Windows and Apple store.